-Maybe our "Fiscal Conservative" Commissioners, fail to recognize, or ignore, that "conserve", is the root of conservative? Because they sure did not conserve any of the hundreds of Millions the County received from Cove Point LNG over the past 4 to 5 years.

Check this box on July 19th.

My original, and first, voter registration card from 1981. I have been registered as Republican since I was able to register to vote.

Posted this because of so many candidates that change their party affiliation for political gain and for the purpose to deceive. (or so it may appear). Also known as RINO's.

Over (eight) $8 Million dollars to be spent this year to build a new "clubhouse" for the golf course in Lusby. Building a huge complex that will compete with local small businesses for the same consumer discretionary dollars, those same small business that are still suffering, and still trying to recover from the COVID lock downs, and the current economic, and high inflationary, environment, and at the same time, the County is taxing those competing local small businesses. When a smaller, much much less expensive, more modest building, should be built, to provide for cart rentals and maybe a small golf supply store.

And yet, only $4.5 Million allocated for infrastructure, County  road paving, for the whole of Calvert County, in this year's $342 Millions dollars budget! Government priorities are all out of wack. In addition, there is over $50 Millions sitting in the "rainy day fund". $50 Millions which represents over taxation that could be refunded back to the taxpayers, or spent on our crumbling and failing County infrastructure.

People in Calvert County are suffering with extreme inflation, high food and energy prices, and our government is spending with wild abandon.






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NOTICE: My website is not written in third person like so many other candidates websites. Everything is typed by me, Patrick E. Flaherty.

So, why am I running for a seat on the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners? Good question!

It comes down to representation. Specially, the lack of representation. Calvert County residents, for years, have failed to be represented in Prince Frederick with decisions made in their best interests. We are constantly being told, and berated, that we do not understand the "needs" of government. That things must happen and go the way we are told they must go regardless of what we the people think. It appears that more and more our Commissioners are "taking issue" with the very people that elected them. We have commissioners that react "strongly" to the people or "call out" the people in public when they disagree with citizens.

Not one commissioner sitting on the board currently fights for, or defends the voices of, the people. But we have commissioners that will publicly either berate the people for speaking their minds and coming up with new and better ideas, or just sit and remain silent and do nothing.

It is time for the people to be represented. For decisions to be made in their best interests. Electing me as 1 of 5 County Commissioners will give you that representation and at least one loud voice, yours, on the board.

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