woman2.jpeg (21517 bytes)"Chesapeake OEM Per Call" Services

Time & Material Rates for Office Machine
Repair Service and Systems Support.

Main Features of Chesapeake OEM's "Per Call" Service

Service Type

On-Site (Per Hour)

Computers (Hardware)


Computers (Software)










"Per Call" Service Versus Yearly Maintenance Agreements

Companies often choose "per call" service believing it more economical, and with some types of equipment it is.
However, our yearly maintenance agreements will often cost less than the labor and parts for just two "per call"
repairs per year!  In addition, our yearly guarantee agreements include all parts and provide scheduled preventative
maintenance at no extra cost (proven to be the most important factor in prolonging the lifetime and optimal performance of your equipment.)  

To schedule your "Per Call" service or personalized evaluation please call